Bistro St.Louis

Heavy Apps to Light & Tasty

In the mood for a summer chicken salad bite or a hearty tenderloin croquette?

Seasonally inspired and artfully prepared , Bistro can deliver appetizers, poolside parties, shower theme food, weddings, and family gatherings.


Always Including

  • House Made from scratch

  • Locally Sourced Ingredients

  • Allergen & Nutritionally focused

  • Seasonal & Fresh varieties


YOu know your friends can eat



So maybe Buffet is not the word…

But you know your friends and family can eat! Let Bistro St. Louis plan your dinner table focusing on recipe favorites, must have cravings, that casserole your grandma used to make , or that special sauce you just cant get right on your own. We custom craft dining experiences your grandmother would appreciate, and go back for seconds!



  • Budget focused party planning

  • Nutrition & Allergy specific dishes

  • Option to drop off and go , pick up , or serve your next dining room experience.


Box lunches


It all started when…

we made our first box lunch back in 2003. A family member called to order a super casserole to “wow the doctors in the meeting”. The orders for more casseroles just kept coming in, and word spread like fire. Today those casseroles have turned into elevated box lunches for foodies all over St. Louis, and we still are grateful to wow the folks in your next meeting.


NObody likes to do the dishes at their own party

Full Services


Full Service Party PLanning Options

Don’t be surprised when your tenderloin is delivered on our third generation Silver platters. Compliment your delicious meal with beautiful barware, decor, flowers, and a finishing touch. Full Service options include bar services, valet, equipment rental, ice, ice sculptures, event photography and decoration services. We have an in house artist who gets overly excited to enhance your next party.


Popular Rentals

  • Glassware, Silverware, Fine China

  • Linens, Tables, Chairs, Decor, Staging

  • Ice, Flower Arrangements, Equipment

  • Bartending, Dishwashing, Valet Services

  • Holiday Service